Mary Jane - The Mercy’s - Pop English

The Mercy’s - Pop English

Mary Jane
Erwin Harahap

Intro : A E A E 2x
A                               E        A

Something has broken in my heart
             D                   A
‘Cause I know that you left me
B          E7
let me alone
I’m a poor man poor man am I
There is nothing I own now
E         A      E7
Only a tears
        A                E

Mary Jane   Mary Jane
                         A                 E    E7
Why you broken down all my dreams
A              E
Mary Jane   Mary Jane
How can it be

Music : A E A E 2x


I had a memory
song upset
And I sing it so softly
day by day
Hope that you come home
for you son
So the rain in my eyes will
go away

( Reff ) ..

The Mercy’s
Vocal : All , Instrumentation ; Piano, Keyboard ,Organ : Charles Hutagalung , Saxophone : Albert Sumlang , Guitar Electric, Guitar Accoustic,Flute : Erwin Harahap , Electric Bass : Rinto Harahap , Drums : Reynold Panggabean .
As groupband , The Mercy's managed to entertain the public with a neat and elegant appearance with song lyrics and chords are simple, a number of albums recorded in the LP/cassette/CD/VCD , with a different theme songs such as: romantic pop, pop english, kids/anak anak pop, pop melayu, christmas pop, pop keroncong and pop mandarin,which is still circulating in the form of mp3, video and ringbacktone and which has now become The Mercy's a music legend archipelago Indonesia's cultural.

Seluruh lirik lagu dalam blog ini adalah hak milik pencipta dan ahli warisnya .
Belilah LP/cassette/CD/VCD yang asli ,agar para musisi/seniman , tetap bersemangat menghasilkan karya karya bermutu tinggi .


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