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Song lyrics I’m Sorry - The Mercy’s - Pop English

The Mercy’s - Pop English

I’m Sorry
Reynold Panggabean
Intro  : A E D 2x A
I’m sorry my love
for everything I’ve done
and  now you’ll never
          E                   A
never make it once again
                   D                       E     A
there I don’t want to lose you baby
                    Fism  D
to lose of you baby
please stay for me
      D      A
that you’ll where mine
yes you’re where mine
    D               A
forever in my life
    D              A
forever in my life
in my life

      A                                 D
You know  the time must go on
      A              D                     E                                     
The world isn’t going to stop because of you
Fism                         D
     but are you never want  to change
               A                     E7
as long as you will never leave me
            A          E7
stay be my love

Music : ( same in to I )

II , I
D                    A
  forever in my life

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