Let Dance Get Together - The Mercy’s Vol 9

The Mercy’s - Volume 9

Let Dance Get Together
 Reynold Panggabean

Intro : C F C  3X G G7 C

                  F                 C
C’mon baby c’mon dow
Come with me to sing around
C                           F
Listen to the music happy sound
G                                         C
Like the rain is go rolling and down
                        F     Cm
Yeah yeah yeah yeah  3x

Rock me baby rock me slow
With the music back of you
C’mon take your man
Till the hero soul
Do it back you gonna do

C’mon given it to me ( Let dance get together )
Given it to me ( Let dance get together )
I said given it to me ( Let dance get together )
     F                       G
So c’mon down and  take me around

C’mon baby c’mon down                          
Come with me to sing around
Listen to the music happy sound
Like the rain is go cooling down

Music ; F Cm G C F G

 Reff , I ....

The Mercy’s
Vocal : All , Instrumentation ; Piano, Keyboard ,Organ : Charles Hutagalung , Saxophone : Albert Sumlang , Guitar Electric, Guitar Accoustic,Flute : Erwin Harahap , Electric Bass : Rinto Harahap , Drums : Reynold Panggabean .
As groupband , The Mercy's managed to entertain the public with a neat and elegant appearance with song lyrics and chords are simple, a number of albums recorded in the LP/cassette/CD/VCD , with a different theme songs such as: romantic pop, pop english, kids/anak anak pop, pop melayu, christmas pop, pop keroncong and pop mandarin,which is still circulating in the form of mp3, video and ringbacktone and which has now become The Mercy's a music legend archipelago Indonesia's cultural.

Seluruh lirik lagu dalam blog ini adalah hak milik pencipta dan ahli warisnya .
Belilah LP/cassette/CD/VCD yang asli ,agar para musisi/seniman , tetap bersemangat menghasilkan karya karya bermutu tinggi .


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